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Entitled "National Research and Development Policy", it recognises the need to improve the process of prioritisation of research capacities, develop international co-operation in strategic areas of research and development, and improve planning for human resources. LANGUAGE POLICY IN TANZANIA culturally and linguistically. This is the centre of the linguistic revolution. The immediate necessity for translation into the mass media of material dealing with matters that are completely foreign to East African society and which do not fit ‘While Kenya had a violent anti-British insurrection and Uganda had its moments of rioting and boycotting against this or that aspect of British rule, the nationalist movement in colonial Tanganyika sometimes seemed to be almost Anglophile. Yet that old Anglophile Tanganyika has now become, in the area of language policy, anti-English’.

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English is essential, as it is the language which links Tanzania and the rest of the world through technology, commerce and also administration. The learning of the There has been no such policy in Tanzania. A national language is understood as the medium that is accessible to a large section of the relevant nation mainly because it has cultural roots among the people of that nation and so it is the medium through which the members of that nation communicate with each other on a daily basis and get governed/ruled, i.e. it is the official language 5 .


Available as PDF - 428 kB; Download statistics. Följ med oss och volontärarbeta i Tanzania, stötta barn i skolor, arbeta med Book with Confidence: Read our new Risk-Free Refund Policy and our Projects Abroad volunteers in Tanzania can see wildife like elephants during their time a year in Germany as a volunteer and has a good command of the language. Biståndets framgång i Tanzania -En jämförande fallstudie av Twaweza The implementation of the Namibian language policy in education:  Year2015, CountryAustria, TitleOPERATIONELLES PROGRAMM EMFF, Editor, Languagede, Sector/supply chain stagesPolicy, SpeciesAll species, PDF link  Posti-Ahokas, H., & Lehtomäki, E. (2014). The significance of student voice: Female students' interpretations of failure in Tanzanian secondary education.

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Tanzania language policy

Tanzania is a multilingual country with 150 ethnic languages spoken within its borders. The current sociolinguistic situation in Tanzania necessitates the continued use of Kiswahili as a unifying language.

Tanzania language policy

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Tanzanian parliament has been Swahili although the option is between.

1996 flyttades regeringssätet Tanzania has been portrayed as an example of successful language policy (Abdulaziz, 1980) and also the ideal of the mother tongue education in African languages (Mazrui & Mazrui, 1998). Data collected in Zanzibar through a questionnaire survey shows that both the ministry of education and the majority of the people support English to be used as a medium of instruction in both primary language policy of post-independence tanzania.

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tanzania is considered an example of a country that has a sound linguis-tic policy, with the elevation of an african language, swahili, to a national and official language. Tanzania's language policy was based on demographic, historical, political, economic, and linguistic factors. Kiswahili had been used in primary education since German colonial rule in the nineteenth century, when it was already widely used throughout the colony. Tanzania has been portrayed as an example of successful language policy (Abdulaziz, 1980) and also the ideal of the mother tongue education in African languages (Mazrui & Mazrui, 1998).

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State Ideology and Language in Tanzania CDON

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Considers the controversy over English or Kiswahili (the national language) as the language of instruction in Tanzania, discussing language use, language policy in the educational system, and prevailing language attitudes.